Where is My csHost Field for IIS Logs in OMS Log Analytics?

This is one of those quick blog posts. You may end up in situation where csHost field is missing when you ingest IIS logs.

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What is Type Operation in OMS Log Analytics?

You may have noticed that there is a new type named Operation in Operations Management Suite Log Analytics. Continue reading “What is Type Operation in OMS Log Analytics?”

Quick Look – #MSOMS Office 365 (Preview) Solution

Yesterday MSOMS team released in preview Office 365 solution:


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Why My Newly Added Event Log to OMS Not Appearing in Search

This blog post it is kind of short tip but also something you should pay attention to.

You might end up adding a event log to OMS but the events from that log not appearing in OMS. Continue reading “Why My Newly Added Event Log to OMS Not Appearing in Search”

Moving OMS Workspace between Resource Groups

This will be a short one. Azure Resource Manager is a powerful beast and Operations Management Suite is gaining more of its functionality every day. And by that statement I do not mean OMS features specific to Azure. I mean the API, management and  orchestration stuff of Azure Resource Manager. Continue reading “Moving OMS Workspace between Resource Groups”

OMSSearch PowerShell Module 6.1.0 Release

There is a new version of the OMSSearch module which mainly includes two new cmdlets.

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OMSSearch PowerShell Module 6.0.0 Release

I’ve just updated the OMSSearch PowerShell module. New version is 6.0.0. Here are the changes: Continue reading “OMSSearch PowerShell Module 6.0.0 Release”